Sending Heart to Boston…

boston runners-2

My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by this tragedy.

There were three explosions at Boston Marathon today.

I had lived in Boston for three and a halt years. It’s my second hometown.

One of my dream in Boston was to participate in Boston Marathon as a runner.

I was not qualified to join the race, but I always went to the event to take photos and to cheer for the people in the race.

I couldn’t make it this year because I moved to new york city this past January.

After I heard about the tragedy from my roommate, I was really shocked and couldn’t do anything.

I hope we can bring peace and love to our world by understanding and loving each other.

(Photographed by Chihoon, 2010, Charles River – Boston)

Scud II: Serious Determination with A Small Purpose – Brooklyn, New York City, 2013.


Scud II: Serious Determination with A Small Purpose


Brooklyn, New York City