Tango Intimo (Intimate Tango) Painting Video by Chihoon Jeong

This Video is a part of Chihoon’s Exhibition, “Love and Purity over Self-Protection.” in Boston.
Tango is a process of listening to, waiting for, understanding, and loving your partner; which teaches you how to make a beautiful relationship in your day-to-day life. When I was preparing this painting series about Tango, I wanted to feel the emotions and engage them as I created the images. I painted them with my feet while dancing tango on the canvases. I chose songs, listened to them over a hundred times in order to engage in the music and choose colors for the paintings. I then painted by myself or with my dance partner. Colors moved across the canvas by means of my feet and emotions.

Chihoon is an artist and a photographer.
For more information about Chihoon and his current exhibition, please visit his blog chihoonart.com or email him at thepureeye@gmail.com

Video Edited by Kara Greenberg

Song: “Gitango” by Helmut Lipsky/L’Art de Passage (Au Parfum de Tango)

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/au-parfum-de-tango/id373077164