Sending Heart to Boston…

boston runners-2

My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by this tragedy.

There were three explosions at Boston Marathon today.

I had lived in Boston for three and a halt years. It’s my second hometown.

One of my dream in Boston was to participate in Boston Marathon as a runner.

I was not qualified to join the race, but I always went to the event to take photos and to cheer for the people in the race.

I couldn’t make it this year because I moved to new york city this past January.

After I heard about the tragedy from my roommate, I was really shocked and couldn’t do anything.

I hope we can bring peace and love to our world by understanding and loving each other.

(Photographed by Chihoon, 2010, Charles River – Boston)

With Daddy after School, with Daughter after Work ::: Manhattan – New York City, 2013.




With Daddy after School, with Daughter after Work

April 2013

Manhattan, New York City

I like seeing family being together with joy.

I was walking on 8th Ave toward 14th st.

I saw them walking together. They looked so happy with each other.

I took a couple of shots of them.

After I came back home, I saw the pictures of them.

The images made me happy.

I soon realized that there is another family behind them in the photos.

A mom and her two sons are smiling at each other.

They show the beauty of life to the world.

[Mobile Snap] Untitled – Houston, Texas. 2013



March 2013

Rice Village – Houston, Texas

Mobile Photograph by Chihoon

Yesterday mom, sister, and I went to a brunch cafe in Rice Village, Houston.

It was beautiful weather. We ate some snacks at the cafe and were enjoying kids playing at the little garden in front to the cafe.

They looked so happy. I took some photos of them with my cell phone.

This photo was the moment of a girl showing off her tumbling skill to her mom.

I love watching kids playing.

Greeting and Waiting in Love – Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City




Greeting and Waiting in Love

February 2013

Williamsburg – Brooklyn, New York City

Digital Photograph